Yo, ho let’s go!

Yo, ho let’s go…to Downtown Disney for a Jake and the Neverland Pirate Band concert!  T is a big fan of the show, so when I found out that Sharky and Bones would be performing a free concert at the amphitheater, I knew we had to go!  I didn’t tell T where we were going, just that it was a super-big surprise and that we had to get there on time or we would miss it.  Boy was he surprised!  He danced and sang along to all of the pirate hits and had a great time!  What a way to start off a Disney vacation!!

Right after the concert, Sharky and Bones were signing CD’s in the World of Disney store, so we ran over, bought a CD and stood in line to meet the pirates.  As you can imagine, the line was pretty long, winding throughout the back section of the store.  But true to form, Disney Cast Members had the line under control, even handing out wristbands to make sure that they could see the right amount of people before the next show.  The line moved quickly, and when it was our turn they signed the CD’s (although they said it was against the Captain’s orders to sign anything else), posed for pictures, and had a nice chat with T about his future as a pirate!  Since today was their last day at Walt Disney World, I am glad that we got a chance to see them!!

We are staying at Disney’s Old Key West Resort – our first time, so I was very curious to see what the resort would be like.  We own a Wyndham timeshare, and usually end up staying off-property, but somehow got lucky enough to be able to trade here this year.  Having done on-line check in, all of the paperwork was completed, and our room already assigned.  Russell, the Cast Member at the concierge desk who checked us in was awesome.  He was very friendly, and we had a very nice chat about growing up in Alaska with an Eskimo mom and a military dad, and how he was all set to run the marathon in the 1980 Olympics when the U.S. boycotted them, dashing his Olympic dreams.  He is a very interesting guy, and also very helpful with going over the ins and outs of the dining plan and the transportation options at the resort.

Our room is located on the first floor of our building, right near one of the Resort’s bus stops, so it is very convenient.  As I said, we have stayed in lots of time-shares, but I am very impressed with the size of this unit.  It has a very large master bedroom, huge bathroom, full-size laundry room and kitchen, and the living room has a sofa bed, loveseat and a chair that converts into another twin bed.  Plus there is still tons of room to walk around!  The décor is nice and fits with the theme of Key West – light colors, plantation blinds, and lots of nautical pictures.   There is ample kitchen and closet storage, but I would prefer if there were a few more drawers in the living room for clothes.  Oh well, nowhere is perfect!

After the concert we decided to head over to that other amusement park across town – Universal Studios City Walk – for dinner.  I love Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville, and try to get there at least once a year.  Now, I am not a huge burger fan, but for some reason I love theirs.    The restaurant itself is like a Jimmy Buffet song – a tiki bar with a volcano, large blender and sailboats all around.  And the food is inspired by his music as well.  Our server was very friendly and attentive, constantly bringing us refills on drinks and making sure we had everything we needed.  I ordered a delicious drink called the Wildberry Colada – a pina colada mixed with a combination of different berries – so good!!  I paired it with a “Cheeseburger in Paradise”.  The burger came out perfectly, and it was so good!!  J ordered the Al Volcano Burger – a burger with cheese, avocado, a large onion ring, lettuce tomato, and jalapeno mayonnaise.  He added more jalapeños for good measure.  He really enjoyed the sandwich and actually said “whoever invented jalapeno mayonnaise is a genius!!”  Pretty high praise!.  T go the Kraft Macaroni and Cheese – so you can’t really go wrong with that.  Overall the meal was very good, but it was expensive – $48 for the meal, BEFORE tip and parking.  Yes, before 6 pm you have to pay $15 to park, even if you are only going to a restaurant – so the whole cost of the meal was almost $75 for two burgers, a soda, one alcoholic drink, mac and cheese, and a milk.  J nearly fell off his chair when he realized that!!  (After 6 pm parking does drops to $5).  So based on that, I am not sure we will be heading back over there anytime soon unless we are going to be at the parks anyway.  But wow, do they make a good burger!!

We are headed to the Magical Kingdom tomorrow – can’t wait to step onto Main Street, USA!!

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