Where’s Perry?

My feet hurt!  Just thought I would throw that out there.  But I guess after 3 full days walking in the Parks that is to be expected.  No blisters, so that is good, but I could use a good foot massage!!

Anyway, back to the blog! Today we spent the day at EPCOT.  We started out by going on Spaceship Earth, which is inside the “golf ball” as T likes to call it.  This is a slow-moving ride that takes you through time – from the ice age to today, and into the future – showing how what we learned in the past has, and continues to, build our future.  We also rode on Ellen’s Universe of Energy.  This is a slow-moving ride as well, which takes you into Ellen’s energy nightmare and teaches about the different forms of energy.  It is in need of some updating, but the concept is good, there are hardly any lines, plus there are dinosaurs – which keeps T happy!  Another ride we did was Soarin’.  Lines are NEVER short for this one, but with Fastpass it is worth it!  In this ride you take a “flight” over the great state of California.  You travel from San Francisco all the way down to San Diego and somehow end up in the Magic Kingdom at Disneyland at Christmastime!  The sights are beautiful, and the smells just put it over the top – my favorite is the orange blossoms!  Definitely check out this ride if you haven’t already!!

Something new we tried out this time was in the Innoventions – East called the Sum of all Thrills.   This is a crazy-toss-you-all-around ride that you actually get to design yourself!  Using engineering skills and cool interactive tools, you get to pick which kind of ride you want (bobsled, roller coaster, or jet) as well as the height and speed of the dips and corkscrew turns you build into your ride.  You then get to test it out to make sure it is going to work before you actually climb into a 4-D robotic simulator and go for the ride!  Guests must meet a minimum height requirement of 48 inches to ride and 54 inches to invert on the ride.  T missed it by about a ¼ of an inch, so no upside down stuff for us, but it was pretty cool!!   We did the jet, but we ran into friends of ours in line and they did the roller coaster and said that was great too!  Definitely check it out!

We stopped in for lunch at the Electric Umbrella, a quick-service restaurant near Innoventions.  The food was pretty good – J had a Swiss mushroom burger and I had a bacon cheeseburger.  Both came with fries and we got the strawberry cheesecake for dessert.  Burgers were good, cheesecake not so much.  But the best thing about the restaurant was the free refillable drinks.  This is a rarity at Disney, so we took advantage of it!

Dinner was at Le Cellier Steakhouse in the Canadian Pavilion.  Consistently ranked among the top restaurants at Disney World, reservations are a must here.  It requires 2 table service credits for dinner (in 2013 it will also be 2 table service credits for lunch, although it is 1 this year), but the food here is really good and worth it.  The meal starts out with a basket of breads representing the various areas of Canada.  My favorite is the pretzel bread, but the others are good as well. The restaurant’s signature dish is the “Le Cellier” Mushroom Filet Mignon, which is an 8-oz AAA Canadian Beef Tenderloin with Wild Mushroom Risotto, White Truffle-Butter Sauce, and Micro Chervil, and what I had for dinner.  It is delicious – the beef combines perfectly with the mushroom risotto, and I highly recommend ordering it!  J opted for the Grilled Bone-In Rib-Eye, which is a 16-oz Bone-In Rib-Eye with Herb-Parmesan Potato Wedges and Maple-Pink Peppercorn Butter.  He said that was excellent as well, and cooked to a perfect medium rare!  For dessert, J ordered the Trio of Chocolate – a Chocolate “Nanaimo” Bar, Chocolate Sorbet, and Chocolate Lava Cake and I had the Maple Crème Brulee.  Both perfect choices.  T had the pasta, and the kid’s meal (on the dining plan) comes with an appetizer and dessert as well.  He ordered the Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup (very yummy, especially if you dip the pretzel bread into it!), and then for dessert he got the Chocolate Moose – a moose shaped chocolate mousse – cute and delicious!  There were several people celebrating birthdays at the restaurant tonight, but the biggest celebration occurred at the table next to us.  A couple asked their server to take their picture…as the woman smiled for the camera, her boyfriend got down on one knee and proposed!  The whole restaurant erupted into applause when she said yes…it was a great moment!

After dinner we decided to check out the new Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure.  This is a relatively new attraction at EPCOT – it replaced the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure this summer.  In order to play you have to pick up a F.O.N.E. (Field Operative Notification Equipment) at the Perry kiosk located at the International Gateway. These interactive devices use state-of-the-art technology to help guests keep in touch with the Phineas and Ferb characters by finding clues, which you use to find Dr. Doofenshmirtz’s evil “Inators” and stop his quest for world domination!  There are top-secret devices hidden in several of the World Showcase pavilions (at each country, there will be a different mission that needs to be solved), but you have to pick just one to start so we chose the United Kingdom.  This was a really fun – it was like a scavenger hunt around the U.K. pavilion where you had to find stuff and deliver it to other locations, talk to cast members, and answer questions to solve the puzzle and stop Dr. D.  T had a great time and wanted to do more of the quests, but we ran out of time.  Maybe next time – since it really was fun!

Each night EPCOT hosts IllumiNations:  Reflections of Earth – a show centered around the World Showcase Lagoon where fireworks, lasers, and fountains are choreographed to music.  I love fireworks, so that part of the show I really enjoy, but in my opinion too much time is spent on the revolving globe, and the images projected on the continents are too difficult to see.  But the music is good and it is a nice ending to the day, so we always try to see it when we are here.   Of course it is a very crowded mad dash back to the buses and monorail, but if you take your time going back, you are less likely to have to wait in a long line at transportation.  Or, if you are staying at The Beach or Yacht Club, Boardwalk, or Swan or Dolphin you can just exit out the back entrance and be back to your room in a jiffy!  One definite benefit of staying in one of those hotels!!

Tomorrow we are having breakfast at The Kona Café (yea – Tonga Toast!!!!) and then we are off to Animal Kingdom for some safari rides and Broadway-style shows!  Hopefully my feet will feel better in the morning!

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