What if it Rains: Tips for a soggy day

August 21, 2012 Cheryl 2

Florida’s summer cloudbursts tend to clear quickly, so chances are you won’t be stuck in the rain for long. You can make the most of a soggy situation by being prepared…

What will be open?

  • The Parks continue to operate in the rain, although some rides close when lightning is a possibility.
  • Pools and water parks remain open in rain. Lifeguards are trained to clear the water when conditions become dangerous.
  • Boat service may be temporarily suspended due to rain.

How do I prepare?

  • Before you leave home, decide if you would rather pack ponchos or buy them in the parks later.  Disposable ponchos are available at many “dollar stores”. In the parks, ponchos cost $7.00. However, if they tear or rip the shops will replace them for free.
  • For a very rainy day, consider your footwear. Even if your clothes are dry your feet will most likely get soaked.
  • Lockers  – available for rent in the parks – are great for storing wet/dry clothes!
  • Remember children in strollers will need protection from rain, too.  And you can’t take strollers into most attractions, so even if you stay dry your stroller will be taking a shower.  Be sure to cover it (and anything inside it you need to keep dry)
  • Use the “hourly forecast” and radar on a web site like Weather.com to track rain. If you don’t have Internet access ask a Cast Member – they are often aware of the weather outlook.
  • Look to the sky – storms usually roll in and out pretty quickly, and you can get an estimate of when they will arrive just by looking up.

Where should we go?

  • Put on a poncho and soldier on!  You’ll make memories stomping in puddles all over the parks, and most likely, you will be rewarded with short lines. (A few attractions may close temporarily if they are affected by lightning.)
  • Epcot® is the theme park with the most indoor attractions. Hit Ellen’s Universe of Energy, you will be in there for 45 minutes.  In the World Showcase Area, look for “Kidcot” signs for activities that will distract the kids.  Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure is fun too, but parts of it are outside.
  • If you decide to seek shelter, you have several options inside the parks: stores (don’t forget resort package delivery), restaurants, shows, and indoor attractions.
  • If you don’t have a dining reservation but would like a table, inquire at the podium.
  • Light rain and overcast skies can make for a fun, line-free day at a water park.
  • Resort recreation staff often has rainy day activities planned for the lobby for kids.
  • If it is going to be a rainy night, inquire about an opening at one of the Children’s Activity Centers (child care). The kids can watch movies and have their own dinner while you have a date night!
  • The Downtown Disney Area is a popular rainy day destination. Expect to get wet walking around between stores though.
  • Disney Quest®, located at Downtown Disney Westside, is a 100% indoor attraction, but it does get very crowded on rainy days.
  • Nap time! Take advantage of some quiet time so you can stay up late later, or get up extra early tomorrow!