Summer of 2015 Walt Disney World events!

March 11, 2015 Cheryl 0
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There were two great announcements this morning from Walt Disney World!

24-Hour Summer Kick-Off Celebration

Kick off the Coolest Summer Ever with a 24-hour celebration, taking place at Magic Kingdom park! This event will take place from 6:00 AM on Friday, May 22, 2015 till 6:00 AM on May 23, 2015. More details will be announced soon, but if it is anything like the last few years, this is going to be a fun event!


Frozen Summer Fun

From June 17 to September 7, 2015, Disney’s Hollywood Studios will be host to your favorite queen, princess, ice master, and snowman as they celebrate with parades, dance parties and nightly fireworks!!

Looks like it is going to be another fun summer!


Frozen Summer Fun Premium Package Review

July 7, 2014 Cheryl 0
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Olaf’s Summer of Frozen Fun kicked off this Saturday at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and I was lucky enough to get a premium package reservation for the festivities!  While the premium package is definitely not necessary, it does add some extra perks in to the day!

We had to check in to the event near Min and Bill’s Diner beginning at 10 am.  Cast members were waiting there with clipboards to cross off your name and then hand you a lanyard with the Premium Package credentials that you needed later.  Next you got to select the time you wanted to return to see The First Time in Forever:  A Frozen Sing-A-Long Celebration at the Premiere Theater.  Once you selected your time you were given a ticket with the return time on it.  We already had Toy Story Mania fastpasses and dinner reservations at 50’s Prime Time Cafe, so we selected the 6 pm showtime.  Once we got our tickets, we were allowed to enter into the Premium Package area – which is a roped off area to the left of the hat and stage area.  There is parking for strollers as well as roped off sections for wheelchairs and children, for better viewing.  Once in the area you had access to unlimited Mickey Bars, Frozen Lemonade Treats, water and sodas that you could enjoy while waiting for the parade to start.

Although the area is the same one as the Star Wars Weekend Premium Package area, the parade itself is different, so it makes it a little bit more worthwhile.  The processional starts at the end of Hollywood Boulevard – there are skating snow flakes, ice skaters, skiers, ice carvers, citizens of Arendelle, and of course Princess Anna, Queen Elsa and Kristoff – plus a little bit of snow thrown in for good measure!!  Anna and Elsa arrive on a horse drawn sleigh and go up on the stage for the royal greeting, but afterwards the entire parade continues past Echo Lake for the rest of the park to see, so with the Premium Package you get a very good view of the show and the characters.  You can’t however, see the large video screen on stage, so anything with Olaf is out of view.

When Anna and Elsa take the stage, they are presented with flowers from the head of Hollywoodland, and all of it citizens sing the royal Arendelle song for them – which is of course “Let it Go!”   – just the first of many renditions of the song that is played throughout the day!

After the Processional was done, and after a few Fastpass reservations, we made our way over to the Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post and Frozen Wonderland.  The line to get into the building wound around and around, and was over 2 hours long – so we decided to skip the shopping trip this time.  I did hear that it was fun to skate and that they had real snow (from the ice shavings) so that is fun, just not worth the 2 hours to see it!   They did have lots of great items for sale, and I am sure that eBay is full of them, as we saw many people walking out at 9:30 am when we arrived with bags full of Frozen items!    We did, however, get Frozen temporary tattoos – it is kind of a tradition for my son T and I to get them on Mommy/Son days at the parks, so I am glad we they had Frozen ones available!

Since it is Olaf’s Summer of Frozen Fun, they were giving out Olaf’s on a stick for you to take pictures with all day with the #olafsummervacation hashtag.  On the back of the picture Anna, Elsa, Kristof and Olaf have signed – the only signatures you are going to get!  We had a lot of fun with Olaf – he went on Toy Story, Star Tours, had lunch, saw his own water picture and met some characters of his own!  Everyone seemed to be having fun with the Ofaf pictures – and he seemed to be enjoying his first day of summer vacation!

The First Time in Forever:  A Frozen Sing-a-Long Celebration was the next thing on our agenda.  We apparently did not get into the correct line – we had taken off our Premium Package credentials because we didn’t want them to get wet or damaged in the rain, so we were we were told to go stand in the ticketed line which is very long!  They were giving out return tickets throughout the day, so the only way to see the show is with a ticket – there is a standby line, but they give out the correct number of tickets, so it is doubtful that you will get in to see the show without one.  They start queuing the line on the Streets of America, and then it winds around under cover up to Muppets 3D – s0 even with a ticket, prepare to wait!  The Premium Package ticket holders have a separate entrance near the Theater, so just ask a Cast Member where you should go – we didn’t see the sign until we exited the building!

The Sing-a-Long itself is a cute show!  Anna comes out first and meets the Historians of Arendelle (who if you look closely look very similar to the Star Wars Weekend show storytellers!!) who proceed to tell the story of Frozen in a comedic way.  Peppered though out with many opportunities to sign songs at the top of your lungs (come on, you know you know the words)…with the finale featuring Queen Elsa herself!  It is cute, and I highly recommend seeing the show!!

The main event for the Premium Package is the Dessert Party and Fireworks show.  The weather was not exactly cooperating, so instead of eating treats outside at the dance party/Ice Men concert, we were escorted to the Disney Junior building and had our own dance party!  The music was rocking, the chocolate was flowing, and the desserts were a plenty!  There were unlimited cupcakes, cookies, key lime tarts, strawberry shortcake cups, fruit with chocolate fondue, ice cream, and drinks-a-plenty!  My favorite was the Iced Summer – yummy!!!

After we had our fill, the kids needed to burn some energy so we all went out to the stage area to wait for the show.  The area is very close to the stage, so perhaps not the best viewing spot, but at least you didn’t have to wait for hours for a good spot.  We parked ourselves right along the rope in front of the Disney Videographer (I figured he had a good view) and we waited for the show to begin.  The Ice Men were just finishing up on stage, and the Anna, Kristoff, a video version of Olaf  and Elsa came out for the finale.  They projected some pictures that people had taken with Olaf throughout the day, and then the fireworks began.  I am not sure if it was the rain, or the lack of breeze, but there was so much smoke that it was very hard to see the fireworks….they were still good though, and I will definitely be back to see them again!

All in all, I would say that the Frozen Summer Premium Package was fun to do, the desserts were tasty, and it definitely cut down on the wait times.  However, as with the Star Wars Premium Package, I wish that we had a better view of the fireworks….and although the desserts were delicious, for the cost of the package you could buy a lot of Mickey Bars to eat while you were waiting in line.