Restaurant Review: Captain Cook’s Snack Company

If you have ever stayed at Disney’s Polynesian Resort, then you have probably already found Captain Cook’s Snack Company – a gem of a Counter Service Restaurant.   But if you are not staying there…it is definitely worth a trip on the monorail to check it out!

The restaurant is on the first floor of the Great Ceremonial House at Disney’s Polynesian Resort, and has both indoor and outdoor seating.  I recommend the outdoor seating if it is a nice day – very relaxing, great view, and lot of palm trees!!  Then again, you may have some waddling duck friends who would like to share, but that can keep the kids entertained!

To order your food, you can either select items from the cases (snacks, sides, and juice, milk, and alcoholic drinks), or order from the computer kiosks.  You then pay for your meal at the check out, fill any fountain sodas/coffees, and wait at your table for your food to be ready.  Standard meal times can be busy, so it may be best to secure a table first and then send one person up to do the ordering.

Let’s start with breakfast.  It is no secret that I am a HUGE fan of the Kona Café’s Tonga Toast.   This decadent concoction is a thick slice of sourdough bread that is stuffed with bananas and then deep-fried and coated with cinnamon sugar….I didn’t say it was healthy, just delicious!!   Well, not only is it sold at the Kona Cafe…you can also get it at Captain Cook’s!  You don’t get the strawberry compote, but it is still amazing, and half the price!!  They do have other breakfast items available as well – egg platter, Mickey Waffles, croissant sandwiches – but with Tonga Toast on the menu, those don’t really matter!!   I will say though, my son ordered the Mickey waffles, and it came with a nice fruit salad and a blueberry yogurt cup with a lot of fresh blueberries on top – which was impressive.

Now let’s talk about the lunch and dinner menu.  For a Quick Service location, they have a large variety of options.  There are a few salad options (Cesar and a Polynesian variety), turkey, chicken and pulled pork sandwiches, a bacon burger, a grown up grilled cheese that is both healthy and tasty, sushi, stir-fry noodles, and several flatbread options.  I had the flat bread of the day – which was a pesto with diced tomatoes and it was a very good size and delicious.

If you are a cupcake fan, Captain Cook’s offers two very different options: a Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cupcake and a Lemon Ginger Cupcake.  I didn’t personally try either one, but they did look good.

And now for the real reason you should head over to Captain Cook’s…it is the only place at Walt Disney World® outside of the Magic Kingdom® that you can get a Dole Whip!  And not just any Dole Whip…an all-you-can-pour-into-your-cup-self-serve-extravaganza-of-a-Dole-Whip!!  You read me correctly – it is a self-service machine where you purchase the cup and fill to your heart’s content.  And believe me…people do!   I saw one woman who was literally holding the overflowing ice cream with both hands and licking the top so it wouldn’t fall anywhere!!  If you are on the Disney Dining Plan, you get dessert with your meal.  They will give you a cup at check out that you can then go back up and fill when you are ready.  But I say why wait….eat your dessert first and your salad second …life is short and you are on vacation!!

Next time you are at the Walt Disney World® Resort definitely make it a point to visit Captain Cook’s Snack Company at Disney’s Polynesian Resort!  You (and your taste buds) will be happy you did!

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