Rainy days at Disney always get me down


Friday:  The day started out great with my favorite Disney breakfast – Tonga Toast (congrats to Jessica and Christine for guessing the picture on FB!).  From there we headed over to Animal Kingdom.  Now, I know it is August, and I am in Central Florida, so it is going to rain.  And it has rained pretty much every day we have been here, but the storms seem short-lived and they haven’t really effected our touring plans.  Today was different.  The clouds rolled in earlier and the storm lasted a lot longer.  Which really wouldn’t have been a big deal had we been at EPCOT, where most of the rides are inside.  But in a theme park that has water rides, outdoor amusements and lots of animals, being in a thunderstorm is really not fun.  We were on the Kilimanjaro Safari ride when it started, and the lightening continued for good hour and a half, even after the rains slowed down.  Luckily we were able to get into the 3:00 Finding Nemo, the Musical show.  This show is a must see – it brings the cartoon to life in a musical set and score that is ready for broadway.  I highly recommend seeing it!  When the show was over, the sun had finally come back out and we were able to ride on Everest and then get wet again on the Kali River Rapids ride!  It ended up being fun (as every day at Disney does) but a little less rain would have been fine too!!

Sunday:  T and I headed over to Blizzard Beach today to check out the water slides and the wave pool.  He had big plans for going on Summit Plummet – the 12-story wedgie-inducing speed slide – which ended as soon as he really saw how tall 12 stories is, and how fast you get from the top to the bottom.  As we stood at the bottom watching, a woman came down the slide then jumped up screaming “what the h@$# was that!!!” and just started to run away from the ride, which pretty much sealed the no-deal!  So we stuck to the wave pool, Teamboat Springs (a very fun family raft ride), the smaller slides and the lazy river.  Until the afternoon storm rolled through.  Well, I should say within a 6-mile radius a storm blew through, because although it never dropped a single drop of rain, the park closed for 1 1/2 hours.  We decided (along with pretty much everyone else) that it would be a good time to get an ice cream.  After at least a 45 minute wait (where we met some very nice kids from the U.K. and discussed the Olympics) we got our treats and waited out the “storm”.  Many people ended up leaving, so it was a lot less crowded after the rides reopened, so that was good at least!  But Blizzard Beach is definitely not a park you want to be in if there is a storm!

Monday:  Just for good measure, a very strong thunderstorm blew through the Magic Kingdom this afternoon.  We were on our way out, and could see the storm coming.  We tried to make it to the Monorail in time, but only made it as far as the bag checking area – and we hunkered down with several other families under the overhead cover.  This storm was doozy – high winds, very heavy rains and lots of thunder and lightning.  But it was gone as fast as it came.  Less than 10 minutes later we were happily on our way to the Monorail, just doing our best to avoid the rivers that the walkways had turned into!





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